How we do it

Leveraging Free Food.

HungerPerks users earn SuperPerks by filling out short surveys. These SuperPerks are gaining traction because they are exclusively free food perks. Each SuperPerk has a survey attached to it that varies in length (5-10 questions). Whether you're a company, restaurant, student, or other 3rd party, you can run surveys on our platform. You control who to target, where to target, when to collect surveys, and of course when to stop.

We can also do it for you.

We created HungerPerks with Big Data in mind. Too often, businesses aren't extracting real value from the data they create, collect and store. So Big Data doesn't necessarily mean the right data, thats why we focus on collecting Actionable Data -- data that businesses can use in their day-to-day to make informed decisions.

Unfortunately, Actionable Data is much harder to collect. A business must collect data, analyze it, and finally draw useful insights for decision making. This process can take even an experienced business up to a month or more when executed properly. By the time the data is analyzed, the data may be too old to be useful.

Our goal is to speed up this process by providing a platform where users are incentivized to take surveys on a regular basis. We aim to provide any size business with the ability to collect Actionable Data quickly.

Driving Traffic

At this point, we typically see 3x the number of survey responses to that of SuperPerk redemptions. For example, if 30 SuperPerks are redeemed at a specific Subway location, we would expect to see somewhere in the ballpark of 120 survey responses.

(last updated 10/5/17)

Amassing Data

After only a little over a month of running surveys, we've been able to collect over 500 responses during our temporary beta test in Akron. That's 1463 data points that we've gathered for Akron restaurants and 3rd parties.

(last updated 10/19/17)

Growing Our User Base

Since our launch over 1,200 people have become Eaters, and we've seen increased traffic in the unique daily users on our app. Currently, approximately 200 unique users check our app daily in the Akron area. As we attract more Feeders, our user base will broaden and our goal is to spread nationwide.

(last updated 10/19/17)


By the summer of 2018, our goal is to provide surveyors with an online platform to quickly and conveniently construct questionnaires. This platform will include pre-made questions and the ability to create unique questions. By the end of 2018, we aim to have an Eater base of 1,000,000+ users to quickly answer any questions you may have.


By the end of 2022, our goal is to collect survey data faster than anyone else in the United States.

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