How we do it

Effective Incentives.

We drive traffic to restaurants using our new innovative mobile app solution and leveraging the use of effective incentives. HungerPerks users ("Eaters") earn SuperPerks by filling out short surveys. A SuperPerk is simply an offering of free food from your menu. These SuperPerks attract customers to your restaurant when you (the "Feeder") want to boost traffic or collect surveys. You control where to offer, when to offer, and what to offer... all through our application.

We can also do it for you.

No Hardware

We understand that hardware is a drag. That's why we've designed our app to be completely hardware free!

Target Customers

Increase traffic to your restaurant by targeting consumers at the right time and place to give your location a whole new competitive advantage!

SuperPerk Incentives

These are offerings of free food that are powerful incentives to consumers. Up to 71% and more are likely to purchase additional items when redeeming.

P.O.S. Integration

We are developing our system to work with your register for easy setup and use. This method also gives you a better view at what drives customer spending & habits.

what we ALSO do

The perfect way to learn more about your customers.

HungerPerks Eaters earn SuperPerks by filling out short surveys. Which means you can ask your customers if they like the new menu item, if you're open at the right hours, or just how their experience was. The possibilities are endless!

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