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Restaurants (Feeders)

Is HungerPerks available in my state?

Yes! Even though HungerPerks started in Akron, Ohio, it has been built as a platform that can be used throughout the entire United States. We may not already have a user base in your area, but we provide discounted pricing options to adventurous restaurants willing to help us pioneer new areas of the country.

Where are your current restaurant partners located?

Our current restaurant partners are located in Akron, Ohio, but with your help we can expand far beyond that!

What type of success have other restaurants experienced?

The success a restaurant experiences with HungerPerks is dependent on a number of factors: (1) the restaurant's current brand awareness in the local market, (2) the restaurant's distance from the target population, and (3) the value of the incentive provided to the consumer. Our top partners have scored well in these categories and have experienced as high as 20 redemptions in 30 days and a 80% up-sell rate.

What is the size of your current user base?

Our current user base is mainly located in Akron, Ohio, and has grown to 1,000 users since our launch in July.

Why free food instead of coupons?

Our consumer research has revealed that users are much more interested in coming out for a free food incentive rather than other discounts. However, consumers who come in to redeem a free food item are 71% more likely to make additional purchases!

Consumers (Eaters)

When will HungerPerks be available in my state?

Our current participating locations are based in Akron, Ohio, but we have plans to expand to Columbus and Cincinnati in 2018. From there, we will be expanding to other states in the region and throughout the country. If you know a restaurant owner, please encourage them to contact us. With your help, we can speed up our expansion strategy to make HungerPerks available to everyone!

Is HungerPerks a scam?

Because HungerPerks is still in its early stages, it's not uncommon for some people to hear about us and assume that the app must be a scam. However, HungerPerks is not a scam. It is real, and it works! The restaurants are willing to provide free food incentives because (1) they recognize the value of the survey data, and/or (2) they know that a certain percentage of people will make additional purchases.

Is an additional purchase required to redeem a SuperPerk?

No additional purchases are required to redeem a SuperPerk. However, in the future some SuperPerks will require the purchase of any item to redeem.

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